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Sammic – Baguette Slicer – CP-250

Cuts up to 16,800 slices of stick/french bread per hour. Slice thickness: 20 to 90 mm.   Download Data Sheet

Giorik – Unika 700 – Bain maries – BM720E

Giorik - Unika 700 - Bain maries – BM720E ELECTRIC BAIN-MARIE ON OPEN BASE UNIT   Download Data Sheet

Giorik – Unika 700 – Bain maries – BM740E

Giorik - Unika 700 - Bain maries - BM740E ELECTRIC BAIN-MARIE ON OPEN BASE UNIT   Download Data Sheet

Irinox – EasyFresh – EF 10.1

Irinox - EasyFresh - EF 10.1 Blast Chillers - (3 GN 1/1) Delivering intense chilling and freezing of food straight from the oven, the Irinox EasyFresh Blast Chiller/Freezer is the first of its kind. Designed to retain all the taste, texture and nutritional value of your chosen food, this unit specifically pushes high-intensity cooling of up to three gastronorm trays worth of delicious food. Its forced-air cooling system represents the latest in commercial cooling technology, providing even and energy efficient cooling of the entire unit. The unit comes with both automatic and manual chilling functions as well as four custom cooling cycles, put this alongside a variety of removable accessories like evaporators, condenser filters and adjustable shelving, and you have one of the most modern and comprehensive blast chillers on the market.

  Download Data Sheet

Irinox – EasyFresh – EF 20.1

Irinox - EasyFresh - EF 20.1 Blast Chillers - (4-8 GN 1/1 or 60*40 cm) Retain all the flavour and subtle delicacies of your signature dishes with this Irinox EasyFresh Blast Chiller and Freezer, a commercial chilling unit capable of preserving up to 20 kilos of food straight from the oven. The multiple adjustable shelves allow for you to filter and organise the space of the chiller to accommodate your excess batches when required. A temperature probe included monitors the spread and effect of the cooling process, and relays information to the chiller so it adjusts itself accordingly and cools your food as quickly and efficiently as possible, cutting down on food waste as well as preserving all the qualities of the food itself. A clever undermount design means the device operates effectively even in compact or heated spaces, ensuring it can withstand the harsh conditions of the busiest kitchens.   Download Data Sheet

Irinox – EasyFresh – EF 30.1

Irinox - EasyFresh - EF 30.1 Blast Chillers - (9-18 GN 1/1 or 60*40 cm) Ensure none of your culinary efforts go to waste by preserving your foods in the Irinox EasyFresh Blast Chiller/Freezer. Purpose built to preserve cooked foods even straight from the oven, you can maximise your profits and keep your customers satisfied thanks to Irinox's powerful chilling technology that not only retains the hygienic standards of any heated food, but its texture, flavour and consistency as well. Enter either a manual cooling cycle of your own choosing or simply insert the temperature probe and allow the device to automatically adjust itself to provide optimal cooling of your dishes down to their very core. Other features include removable parts for easier cleaning, automatic water evaporation and gastronorm compatibility.   Download Data Sheet

Irinox – EasyFresh – EF 45.1

Irinox - EasyFresh - EF 45.1 Blast Chillers - (13-27 GN 1/1 or 60*40 cm) The largest and most powerful model of its kind, the Irinox EasyFresh Blast Chiller and Freezer can hold up to 27 gastronorm trays worth of heated foods. Optimised to automatically adjust its settings to rapidly cool foods straight from the oven, this unit ensures any excess meals or batches of food can be cooled as low as -18°C down to their very core, cutting losses from food waste as well as ensuring plenty of surplus meals during peak periods. This new energy efficient technology not only preserve the hygienic standards of your food, but also its taste, fragrance and nutritional properties. Adjustable shelving and removable parts means the EasyFresh is flexible and easier to maintain, and contributes to the products emphasis on removing a few of the many worries of the modern commercial chef.   Download Data Sheet

Irinox – ICY L

Irinox - ICY L Blast Chiller/Shock Freezer - (13-27 GN 1/1 or 60*40 cm) Irinox Icy is the only blast chiller that can blast chill and shock freeze your products, even straight out of the oven. Irinox is the premium brand in blast chilling and shock freezing. Their line of ICY reach in cabinets are easy to use with intuitive touch screen controls and a selection of sizes to meet your needs. The blast chilling functions will get cooked food products out of the danger zone (40 to 140 °F), where bacteria grow fastest, by rapidly lowering core temperatures to 37 °F; making certain you are meeting the guidelines for safe food handling.   Download Data Sheet