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UNOX – Bakerlux Shop.Pro LED 600×400 – XEFT-04EU-ELDV

UNOX - Bakerlux Shop.Pro LED 600x400 - XEFT-04EU-ELDV
  • Convection oven
  • Electric
  • 4 trays 600x400
  • Drop-down door opening
  • Control panel with 7-segment display
DESCRIPTION Electric - 400 V Convection oven with humidity and 2 programmable fan speeds. Easy-to-use oven, ideal for baking breakfast and snack products, in particular pastry and frozen bakery ones. The digital panel allows the storage of 99 programs with 3 cooking steps plus preheating, 12 of which with immediate access. Rounded stainless steel chamber to facilitate cleaning and ensure maximum hygiene.  

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