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Irinox – MultiFresh – MF 85.2

Irinox - MultiFresh - MF 85.2 Blast Chiller/Shock Freezer - (13-27 GN 2/1 or 60*40 cm) A big cabinet for a big business, the Irinox Multifresh Multifunction cabinet functions to both conserve and prepare food thanks to a varied skillset that includes slow cooking, shock freezing, thawing and chilling. Able to utilise both hot and cold functions simultaneously, the unit can be programmed to prepare your meals the day beforehand so you have more time to concentrate on other tasks in the kitchen. Using a probe the machine can automatically monitor the core temperature of your frozen food and adjust accordingly to produce the highest quality food available. Detachable parts of the unit allow for easier cleaning, and all processes have been integrated into a seamless touch screen interface.   Download Data Sheet