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Irinox – MultiFresh – MF 70.2

Irinox - MultiFresh - MF 70.2 Blast Chiller/Shock Freezer - (9-18 GN 2/1 or 60*40 cm) Capable of holding large and varied selections of food whilst offering cooking and chilling options together, the Irinox Multifresh has the capacity to both freeze and cook at the same time. With a wealth of options including thawing, freezing, chilling, cooking and pasteurising, all elements of this multifunctional cabinet are monitored through a streamlined touchpad interface that allows both automatic and manual cooling cycles. Wishing to deliver not only a solution to excess food wastage but to continue upholding the quality and reputation of your food, the cabinet is designed to preserve food consistently down to its very core, resulting in none of the texture, taste or nutritional value being lost in the process. This specific model compensates for reduced height with a bigger width, making it ideal for establishments with low ceilings.   Download Data Sheet