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Winterhalter – Dishwasher – P50

Winterhalter Hood-Type Dishwasher P50 It washes whatever may come along, powerfully and hygienically clean, even during peak times. It impresses with how simple it is to use and its efficient operation. The Winterhalter Dishwasher P50 rack passthrough dishwasher offers a professional warewashing solution that is efficient and cost-effective. It is developed specially to meet the Asian market requirements and made according to the highest German quality standards.     Download Data Sheet

Hobart – Dishwasher – PROFI AMXX

Hobart Hood-Type Dishwasher PROFI AMXX The Hobart Dishwasher PROFI AMXX model for washing heavily soiled wash ware in fast cycles. The AMXX hood-type dishwasher is perfectly suited for high utilisation in restaurants and catering facilities.     Download Data Sheet

Hobart – Dishwasher – PROFI AMXT

Hobart Hood-Type Dishwasher PROFI AMXT Double interior space for double capacity: With the Hobart Dishwasher PROFI AMXT double rack hood-type dishwasher it is possible to wash two racks simultaneously.     Download Data Sheet

Hobart – Dishwasher – PROFI AMXR

Hobart Hood-Type Dishwasher PROFI AMXR The Hobart Dishwasher PROFI AMXR model for washing heavily soiled wash ware in fast programme cycles. Perfectly suited for high utilisation in restaurants and communal catering. With Drain heat recovery transfers heat from hot drain water to the fresh-water supply, reducing boiler power consumption and saving up to 36% of costs.     Download Data Sheet

Hobart – Dishwasher – PROFI AMX

Hobart Hood-Type Dishwasher PROFI AMX This Hobart Dishwasher PROFI AMX from Hobart features many great qualities that will update and revolutionise your kitchen wash up areas. For starters, a wide angle fan nozzle creates high power jets of water for better distribution and superior wash results. Efficient as well as powerful, the dishwasher only requires a low 2 litres of water per wash, reducing electrical usage for heating and storing hot water. A four sided e-store hood also captures 70% of steam produced inside the washer, reducing more energy waste and wash tank heating. The dishwasher is also very safe concerning debris, with the Genius X2 filtration system capturing the majority of heavy particles from the dishes and evacuating it out of the wash tank to keep your wash water cleaner for longer and to increase the effectiveness of your chemicals. More than this, an interlocking strainer pan means the unit will not run unless the pan is in place, minimising the risk of foreign objects damaging the wash, rinse or drain pumps. With a single button for all controls, this vastly simplifies using the dishwasher: touch to turn it on, and hold it down for three seconds to turn off and automatically self-clean.     Download Data Sheet

Hobart – Dishwasher – PROFI AM900

Hobart Hood-Type Dishwasher PROFI AM900 Ideal for schools, universities, staff canteens and busy restaurants, the Hobart AM900 Pass Through Dishwasher efficiently and effectively cleans full racks of crockery, utensils and cutlery quickly. With simple, understandable controls, easy-lift hood and innovative self-cleaning programme, the dishwasher is one of the most user-friendly commercial dishwashers available. Running costs are also reduced, thanks to clever savings in intelligent filtration and advanced insulation. Tabling sold separately. Supplied with internal drain pump. Sold as dishwasher unit only.     Download Data Sheet