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MIBRASA – Charcoal Oven – HMB AB SB 75

Mibrasa - Charcoal Oven - HMB AB SB 75 Mibrasa® charcoal oven with cupboard below and heating rack Designed in Spain using only the best quality steel by expert hands, the MIBRASA® HMB AB SB 75 commercial charcoal oven (or closed barbeque grill) allows chefs to accurately control the air flow through the grill, changing the intensity of the embers for maximum control and minimal wastage. MIBRASA® charcoal ovens are a favourite amongst Michelin Star Restaurants and food vans alike due to their ability to bring produce to life, enhancing the natural flavours of the food for an unbeatable flavour profile. Available in red, black or stainless steel.    Download Brochure   Download Data Sheet