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Irinox – EasyFresh – EF 45.1

Irinox - EasyFresh - EF 45.1 Blast Chillers - (13-27 GN 1/1 or 60*40 cm) The largest and most powerful model of its kind, the Irinox EasyFresh Blast Chiller and Freezer can hold up to 27 gastronorm trays worth of heated foods. Optimised to automatically adjust its settings to rapidly cool foods straight from the oven, this unit ensures any excess meals or batches of food can be cooled as low as -18°C down to their very core, cutting losses from food waste as well as ensuring plenty of surplus meals during peak periods. This new energy efficient technology not only preserve the hygienic standards of your food, but also its taste, fragrance and nutritional properties. Adjustable shelving and removable parts means the EasyFresh is flexible and easier to maintain, and contributes to the products emphasis on removing a few of the many worries of the modern commercial chef.   Download Data Sheet