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Irinox – EasyFresh – EF 10.1

Irinox - EasyFresh - EF 10.1 Blast Chillers - (3 GN 1/1) Delivering intense chilling and freezing of food straight from the oven, the Irinox EasyFresh Blast Chiller/Freezer is the first of its kind. Designed to retain all the taste, texture and nutritional value of your chosen food, this unit specifically pushes high-intensity cooling of up to three gastronorm trays worth of delicious food. Its forced-air cooling system represents the latest in commercial cooling technology, providing even and energy efficient cooling of the entire unit. The unit comes with both automatic and manual chilling functions as well as four custom cooling cycles, put this alongside a variety of removable accessories like evaporators, condenser filters and adjustable shelving, and you have one of the most modern and comprehensive blast chillers on the market.     Download Brochure

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