Keller offers contemporary European dishes, rooted in tradition, yet light and surprising.

Since arriving in Thailand, my experiences over this past almost 10 years here have provided me an opportunity to reset my focus. Through a better understanding of the relationship between man and nature, I have become more balanced, respectful and happier in my life.

On one of my many dives, I came across a beautiful turtle, swimming free whilst exuding an aura of serenity. At that moment, I realized, I now truly identify with the spirit of this fascinating, peaceful yet energetic reptile.

“For me, cooking is never a competition. I cook so that I can delight people and connect with them. At the end of the day, I just want to be thought of as a good cook.”

Mirco Keller

Chef Partner

Mirco Keller began his intriguing culinary journey at the Ritz Carlton in Berlin and worked his way up the ladder with renowned chefs at classy dining venues under both Tim Raue and Markus Semmler. In 2011, his destiny brought him to Thailand where he now calls home. Following an eight-year stint as Executive Chef at the landmark Water Library, Chamchuri, now as Chef & Partner of Keller Bangkok, through his accumulated experiences he now presents, innovative contemporary classics in a stunningly modern setting.

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