The company does not only do business for profit, but also for quality so that the consumers may gain the highest benefits based on 4 practices as follows :

1. Using the best raw materials to guarantee the highest product quality.

2. Continuous product development which fulfills nutrition needs of Thai.

3. Developing manufacturing and management technologies for constant improvement in product quality.

4. Holding on to safety, freshness, and cleanliness of products to offer the best to consumers.

The company determines to maintain its leadership in bakery manufacturing and selling as wholesalers who have consistent standard and quality. In addition, the company is determined to develop more new products to provide more choices to consumers and expand its market. Moreover, we develop existing products to increase value and meet the needs and changing behaviors of consumers.


Being the leader of bakery manufacturer and distributor to serve clean, fresh, safe, nutritional products at international quality standard together with the responsibility to the consumers, society, and environment.


1. Research and develop innovation of healthy products, focusing on using natural, high-quality, delicious, clean, fresh, safe, and useful raw material.
2. Develop modern, clean, safe production process with smart technology, and good, effective controlling system to support competitiveness.
3. Develop selling and delivery management with analytic and managerial information technology to provide goods and services for the consumers with timely, efficient, clean, and safety manner.
4. Encourage and develop potential of employees to have knowledge of changing technology, creativity, and capability to accomplish growing career path.
5. Establish love, unity, and fairness in compliance with good corporate governance principle to support strengthening and sustainable organization

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